Keep your workplace safe.

A safe working environment means you have the peace of mind knowing your employees are looked after. As many workplaces are physically strenuous on the body, the risk of injury is high.

Our Physiotherapists and Chiropractors at Willoughby Health are trained in providing occupational health services, such as pre-employment screens, job task analyses, ergonomic assessments, injury management, and injury prevention programs.

For local businesses and industries working in the Willoughby, Naremburn, and Artarmon areas, we help keep your workplace safe with our team of professionals.

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Occupational Health Services for the Willoughby and Artarmon business communities

What Occupational Health services can help your business?


Pre-employment screens

When people apply for new jobs, pre-employment health assessments help check if their body and medical history can handle any physical demands of the role. Our team can help design a suitable screen specific to the needs of your workplace and job descriptions, or you can use our comprehensive general screening forms.


Manual handling training

Dealing with heavy items in the workplace is a common way workers injure themselves. Manual handling training can help reduce this risk by teaching your staff on how to lift, push, pull, and carry with the least strain on their bodies. Our team of health professionals can help run training sessions on site or in the clinic.


Injury management

When workers get injured, this can mean reduced productivity and increased costs of staffing. Our local team of Physios, Chiros, and Exercise Physiologists mean we can see workers at convenient times before, during lunch, or after work, and communicate with the management team on accurate recovery times to limit any disruptions.


Workstation checks

Feeling comfortable at the desk at work helps reduce unnecessary strain on the body. Our team can perform ergonomic assessments and customise the set up of workstations to your worker's body type and size, as well as recommend and organise any specialised sit to stand desks, chairs, screens, keyboards, mice, or footrests.


Injury prevention

Musculoskeletal soft tissue strains and sprains are the most common injuries that happen at work. The risk of these developing can be minimised through exercise programs to stretch and strengthen areas under strain, and strategies to avoid repetitive strain and sustained awkward postures. Our team can conduct an on-site assessments.

Make your workplace safe.
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